About us

The company is professional and advanced tools which are specially designed to phone data recovery services. To restore removed data from any Android devices like phone or tablet. With the help of these tools, you can easily recover photos, audio file, videos, SMS (text messages with attachment). Also, call history, contacts, Whatsapp messages. As well as, other files that you have mistakenly deleted or lost from your device. Also, we offer data recovery services external hard drive.


Our company is one of the world’s First Android data recovery software and it takes only just three steps and a few minutes to for the recovery.

There is much reason for the deletion of your data whether it is accidental deletion. Or OS crash or due to flashing of ROM. As well as, the screen is broken or many more. It is better to recover perfectly.


With our complete Android data service, we encounter different phone data recovery in our shop as well as our email. We receive a different email with a question about how to fix their phone and other gadgets with Android devices. That is why we create our website with a long range of blogs, tips. And instruction on how to fix their phone by themselves. But we encourage our viewer that if they do not have the confidence to do it. Better professional data recovery should do it.


We start our company since 2008 with less than 5 years our business was easily getting famous. Because of the complete customer service we give to each of our clients. The focus of our service is to meet all of their needs by listening to them before we do our recovery. With our humble beginning, we rich this success because of the consistency of our services. We do not allow to miss one opportunity to grow. And with teamwork we able to succeed.