Things you do not know about Cleanroom Data Recovery

If you are choosing a data recovery company it is always important to find a company that operates a certified cleanroom. This is mainly true if you have a hard drive either internal or external if there is physical damage. Opening a hard drive without a clean room exposes it to dust particles, such as dead skin cells. If your hard drive is a failure, do not open the hard drive yourself to check. Let the professional data recovery do it.

What are the Cleanroom surroundings?

The cleanroom data recovery service is a surrounding free from flying particles. Hence, if any air entering the room must clean to a scientific degree. To maintain a clean room surrounding, the area must stay confined, and measure must be followed, including:

  • The workers do sanitize room gowns and shoe coverings.
  • Head caps or hoods word to lessen hair fall.
  • The doors must keep close as much as possible.
  • Sometimes a double-door entryway is in place.

What is the Difference between Cleanroom to a Regular Room?

The cleanroom needs delicate filtering systems with HVAC technology. Oftentimes is not easy to copy, which is why this form of data recovery has become very specialized. The technology that uses in a cleanroom is a highly sterile surrounding for recovering lost data. Also, the process makes sure your hard drive will be recovered under the right state.

Higher Rate of Success With a Cleanroom

The company with certified cleanroom technology sometimes has a much higher success rate. This is a safe place for work on your hard drive. You will not allow taking needless risks with your data, and in fact, want to take every precaution.

Why Choose Cleanroom Technology?

Typically, your hard drive platter rotates a thousand times every minute. Hence, that stimulate more dust particles that can cause server crashes or damage to your data. By the federal standards, cleanroom data recovery companies manage the cleanness level to have a higher chance of recovery. To label as a cleanroom, experts look at the number of particles bigger than half a micrometer per cubic foot.


Besides to lessen dust particles, the condition and humidity in these rooms are also controlled. Usually, there is 24/7 surveillance over the room to manage it and limit the chance for unauthorized access to your data. Hence, to find more about clean room data recovery near me contact them for your comfort. You may inquire about hard drive recovery cost.

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